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readplease's Journal

read please!
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about us;

Welcome to readplease, a laidback, open, book-loving community. This community has an open-membership policy [anyone may join]. We are a community solely dedicated to books and literature of all cultures. Readplease encourages its members to go out and read! Read anything you'd like: plays, magazines, essays, novels, tomes, poems, etc. We feel it is important for young people to express their feelings on these topics. Here you may network with other young bookworms.


001Please, NO INTRO POSTS!
002Pictures as well as text are welcome. If you are posting more than 2 photos please use an lj-cut.
003Put "theme" somewhere in the subject line of all theme-related posts.
004Most importantly... have fun.
005Do participate in the themes/BOTW.
006Do not promote other communities.
007You may promote readplease, but only promote in places that allow it.
008Check the memories section before posting. Please no "What books do you recommend?" posts. We have a post which has compiled a list of books the members recommend others read. After joining the community you may add two books to this post.

book survey;

If you would like to fill out a quick survey regarding books please feel free to do so using the following format:

Please post your survery here. All surveys that are posted as separate entry posts will be deleted.

book of two weeks;

Jane Slayre by Charlotte Bronte and Sherri Browning Erwin


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